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  Free Chocolate Books (.pdf)

Food of the Gods: Cocoa 1903
Cultivation & Curing of Cacao 1900
Cocoa & Chocolate 1920
Cocoa & Chocolate 1886
Theobroma cacao & Products 1891
Cocoa & Chocolate Mfg 1921
Natural History of Chocolate 1730
Chocolate: An Indian Drinke 1652
Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes 1780

  Free Candy & Confectionary Books

Reliable Candy Teacher 1920
Confectionery from Vegetables 1912
Candy Making in the Home 1914
Candies & Bonbons 1913
Sweets & Supper Dishes 1908
Sweets 1904
Royal English Confectioner 1862
Complete Confectioner & Baker 1844
The Italian Confectioner 1829
The Complete Confectioner 1800

  Free Sugar Books

The Story of Sugar 1910
The Sugar Question 1848
Sugar: A Popular Treatise 1921
Sugar Growing & Refining 1882
Something About Sugar 1917
Sugar as a Commodity 1905
Sugar Insect Acarus sacchari 1868

  Free Sugar Growing Books

Sugar Cane Agriculture 1906
Sugar: Handbook for Planters... 1909
The Master Planter 1910
Cultivation of Sugar Cane 1900
Sugar House Notes & Tables 1900
Sugar Growers Intro Manual 1892
Practical Sugar Planter 1848
Sugar-Planter's Manual 1848
Sugar Cane Cultivation 1833
Jamaica Planter's Guide 1823

  Free Cane Sugar Books

Sugar & Sugar Cane 1906
Sugar Cane Culture & Mfg 1881
Sugar Canes & Their Products 1881
Sugar Cane Mfg Handbook 1917
Properties of Sugar Cane 1843

  Free Sugar Mfg Books

Manufacture of Sugar 1920
Manufacture of Sugar 1849
Sugar Refining Industry 1908
White Sugar Manufacture 1915
Steam in the Sugar Factory 1912
Evaporation in Sugar Mfg 1914
Technology of Sugar 1916

  Free Sugar Chemistry Books

Science in Sugar Mfg 1907
Chemical Control in Sugar Mfg 1905
Sugar Cane Chemical Control 1916
Manual of Sugar Analysis 1881
Methods for Sugar Analysis 1912
Sugar Analysis Handbook 1912
Manual of Sugar Analysis 1890
Sugar Tables for Lab Use 1912
Sugar Analysis for Refineries... 1890
Cane-Sugar Calculations 1917
Beet-Sugar Chem. Handbook 1914
GW Sugar Co. Lab Control 1920

  Free Beet Sugar Books

Beet-Root Sugar Cultivation 1876
Beet Sugar Mfg 1920
Beet-Sugar Manufacture 1910
Beet Sugar Analysis 1897
Beet Sugar Industry 1899

  Free Maple & Other Sugar Books

Maple Sugar Composition 1917
Various Sources of Sugar 1881
Sugar from Maize & Sorghum 1878
Chinese & African Sugar Canes 1857

  Free Sugar Books by Locality

Cuban Cane Sugar Industry 1916
British West Indies Sugar 1899
Sugar Cane in Argentina 1884
Sugar Industry in Peru 1905
Sugar in the US 1897
Chinese Sugar Cane & Mfg 1857

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  "The world could run out of affordable chocolate within 20 years..." Independent story

  Chocolate Shops, Candy, Cookie, Cake, & Snack Shops

zChocolate, based in France, exports more than 70% of their products to the U.S. shipping by DHL overnight to the East coast and second-day air elsewhere. With their Ballotin boxes you can hand-pick every chocolate in the box individually. zChocolat is expensive, because "you are purchasing the most unique creations of the best French chocolatiers, world champions in their art, stunning packaging and world-class Customer Service Excellence." Their guarantee (see website for details): "If upon receiving your order, you are dissatisfied for any reason, please contact our Customer Service department and we will reimburse you for all expenses incurred."

Purdy’s Chocolates is a Canadian tradition that dates back to 1907 when Richard Carmon Purdy opened his first chocolate shop on Vancouver’s famed Robson Street. "Care is taken to ensure each batch of creams curl just right; nuts are roasted to perfection; caramel flavor bursts as it fills your mouth; and Purdy’s signature Hedgehogs have that silky, smooth texture that melts in your mouth." Purdy's ships from Vancouver throughout the US, Canada, and worldwide.

Candy Warehouse sells 2,500+ fresh bulk, novelty, and seasonal candies, sorted by occasion or by brand name, from candy buttons to sour Pez, from gourmet chocolates to alien glow pops, from horehound sticks to gummi brains.

  Chocolate Videos, YouTube Videos & Live Streaming Video's YouTube channel features documentary, educational & training
films which have been improved with both audio and video noise reduction.

  Cookie Shops

David's Cookies are made with only the finest, all natural, ingredients--pure vanilla, butter, Swiss chocolate and whole nuts. They provide free shipping on all orders. All products produced by David's Cookies are kosher dairy, and under the supervision of the Orthodox Union of America, unless otherwise specified.

  Grocery Delivery

If you live or work in Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, or Sacramento, CA, Safeway. will quality meat, seafood and produce right to your door, with $10 off on your first order of $100 or more.

In Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA, or Las Vegas, NV, get the same fine food delivered from Vons (a Safeway company), with the same $10 off on your first order of $100 or more.

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Purdys Chocolates

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