Chocolate Dispensed by Pretty Girls, an article from the October 21, 1892 NY Times  

The New York Times, October 21, 1892, p. 2:



    Ever since Col. Fred Burnaby rode to Khiva and published an account of his journey, in which he proclaimed the virtues of the sweet chocolate as a valuable and portable food, the manufacture of this variety of what the simple agriculturalist calls "sweetenin'" has increased marvelously.
    At the present food show in the Madison Square Garden the number of booths where chocolate, cocoa, and all the forms in which the cacao bean is manufactured is very noticable. The rash person who permits himself to accept all the invitations to drink offered him by the young ladies who stand intrenched behind the rows of tiny cups will soon find himself possessed of a fine chocolate "jag."

    One of the most noticable exhibits of this sort is made by Walter Baker & Co., who occupy a conspicuous place just opposite the main entrance to the amphitheatre. Under a silken canopy, disposed as was the canopy at old Ashby, wherein the Lady Rowena watched the conquering arms of the young Knight Ivanhoe, a cluster of pleasing damsels dispenses the soothing "tap" of Baker.
    All are dressed in the costume of "La Belle Chocolatiere" of Liotard's painting in the Dresden Gallery, made familiar to everybody as the trademark of this old established firm.
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Chocolate ad from the Apr 6, 1901 LA Times

    The soft draperies of the canopy are a pleasing frame for the quaint costumes and brilliant complexions of the chocolate girls, and even rival exhibitors praise the taste shown by the firm in displaying its wares so attractively.

    The taste of the chocolate is its own sufficient advertisement, but the combination of chocolate and girl is particularly effective.

    But if Baker's chocolate girls are the Nancy Hankses of the show, the Maud S.'s are to be seen close by, in a neighboring stall, where half a dozen of Philadelphia's fairest maidens pour out chocolate in the name of H. O. Wilbur & Sons, whose New-York office is at 89 Hudson Street.

    These young women wear the scarlet petticoats, golden bodices, and black-lace mantillas of old Spain, and with every cup of their chocolate, brewed as only Spaniards can brew it, they throw in a disquisition upon the great work of Columbus...

    If the chocolate is too hot to drink they will cool it with their fans, and if it grows too cool they warm it with their eyes, thus satisfying everybody.

    One Señorita with a taste for statistics delivers an occasional lecture upon the various processes of manufacture of all of Wilbur's preparations, and presents small wedges of sweet chocolate to housekeepers only, so she says, to taste and thus be lured to buy no other...
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